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LED Light Therapy consists of three large wrap-around panels, 1756 high-intensity LED lamps and four distinctive wavelengths.  Due to its unmatched versatility, light therapy can be custom tailored to benefit the specific needs of any skin type.  Renowned for its natural, safe and effective healing properties, LED light therapy dramatically reduces redness and inflammation caused by microneedling. Unparalleled results leave your skin’s appearance completely restored.

LED Light therapy helps treat:

  • Acne

  • Uneven skin tone (discoloration)

  • Sun damage

  • Heals wounds

  • Age spots

LED Light therapy benefits:

  • Removes redness

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Improves appearance of pigmented lesions

  • Smooth texture of skin

  • Restore skin’s youthful radiance

  • Soften dry skin

The finest results in nonsurgical skin tightening directly to your doorstep.

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