DermaFix Diamond 

+  Our signature facial is the perfect solution for delivering amazing results suitable for all skin types and colors with no downtime.  This four-in-one treatment utilizes cutting-edge technology for a truly transforming facial experience.  Exclusive gold-plated microneedling, radio frequency, ultrasound, and LED light therapy leave the skin with visible improvement following the first treatment, and months after the last.  

Sold exclusively in a package of 5 for $4000

DermaFix Platinum 

+  Exceptionally beneficial, this universal facial addresses many skin concerns by combining microneedling, ultrasound and LED light therapy.  Microneedling revitalizes skin by initiating production of new collagen and elastin to reduce scarring, correct fine lines and improve surface texture.  The DermaFix approach prevents redness and inflammation, and increases skin permeability for deeper penetration of products, completely restoring the skin.

$700 or (5 for $2800)

DermaFix Silver

+  Ideal for skin concerns below the neck, this microneedling treatment activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration.  Many skin concerns, including reduction of scars, stretch marks and discoloration can be addressed with this approach. Invigorating microneedling exfoliation initiates production of new collagen and elastin, and aids in the absorption of topically applied growth factors.  The result is visibly smoother, healthier skin. Target the areas of your choice: axilla, arms, knees, abdomen, glutes, or thighs.  Other areas upon request. 



Glow & Go

+  A three-step facial consisting of organic sea salt macrodermabrasion that effectively and evenly removes the stratum corneum.  Then ultrasonic massage safely delivers DermMasque deep into the skin to promote greater post-treatment exfoliation through the process of cavitation.  Renowned for its healing properties, LED light therapy dramatically reduces redness and inflammation for a perfect finale. Unparalleled results leave the skin’s appearance completely restored to its original glow with absolutely no downtime.  

$400 or (5 for $1600) 


+   This three-step procedure begins with more aggressive sea salt exfoliation than its former Glow & Go.  Less traumatic than chemical peels, and more effective than traditional mechanical exfoliation techniques, this non-invasive procedure is the perfect alternative to any laser. Cavitation ultrasound soothes newly buffed skin by delivering hydrating anti-oxidants precisely where they were formulated to work. LED light therapy decreases post-procedure discomfort by encouraging cell turnover to help skin heal naturally. 

$500 or (5 for $2000) 

Which Treatment is Right for You?

+   We created this easy-to-follow treatment chart below.  If you are unsure which service to choose, we recommend starting with the Glow & Go or DermaFix Platinum!  

The finest results in nonsurgical skin tightening directly to your doorstep.

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